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Due to the extensive mode of economic development, industrial structure and layout is still not reasonable, the total discharge of pollutants is high, the soil as the ultimate receptor of most pollutants,
Its environmental quality was significantly affected. At present, the overall situation of China's soil environment is worrying, more serious pollution in some areas, notice that, by 2020, the trend of the country to increase soil pollution initially curbed, soil environmental quality remained stable, Soil environmental risk basic control. By 2030, the national soil environmental quality is stable and the soil environment safety of agricultural land and construction land is effectively guaranteed, and the soil environmental risk is fully controlled.

1.One-in-one design: The series optical path design, flame graphite furnace atomizer position is fixed, to avoid the error caused by mechanical switching, improved instrument stability and maintainability.
2. Total reflection achromatic optical system: Tire mirror instead of convex lens as the instrument optical focusing device, effectively solve the different elements of different focal point of the chromatic aberration problem, improve the optical system efficiency.
3.C-T-type monochromator: 1800 lines / mm, the wavelength of 230nm grating spectroscopy system.
4. Eight elements light tower: a light work, up to seven lights preheating, saving for the lamp and warm-up time, so that elements of measurement more convenient.
5. Fully automatic design: In addition to the host power switch, the instrument all functions through computer monitoring and control.
6.USB2.0 communication: the industry's first to use USB2.0 communication interface, to enhance the communication speed, compatible with the latest computer systems.
7. Background correction system: with deuterium lamp and self-absorption of two background correction mode, the background signal 1A, the buckle background capacity of more than 30 times.
8. The appearance of the use of streamlined sheet metal process design, simple fashion, nice.
9. Independent intellectual property rights, functional, powerful performance analysis software.
10. User-friendly interface, so that your operation is easy, you can switch the Windows-style Chinese and English software interface, in Windows XP, Windows 7 and other operating systems running perfectly, fully automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis, automatic calculation of element content, Generate a test report.