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Dongguan Fangxin Industrial Co., Ltd. is an excellent enterprise which mainly produces diving materials, diving clothes, life jackets, industrial diving clothes, diving clothes, rubber sponge Neoprene, SBR, CR (commonly known as diving materials), SCR, EVA, high foam and other raw material splitting and patching processing. It is a life jacket manufacturer and computer bag manufacturer. Since its establishment, the company has been actively serving new and old customers with exquisite technology, excellent quality and good service attitude. With the support of old and new knowledge, the company has been developing rapidly. Its raw materials department and splitting and pasting processing department have reached a mature scale, sufficient for high-quality products, low unit price and special benefits, and give back to the vast customer base.

Our tenet is:

People-oriented, diligent management, seeking truth and perfection, carrying out the process of humanized modern and scientific management, pursuing excellence in pragmatic and efficient enterprise management mode, innovating and seeking profit, providing the best quality, high efficiency, cordial and responsible after-sales service, adhering to the business philosophy of respecting sincerity and trustworthiness, customer supremacy, winning your affirmation, jointly creating peak performance and seeking common profits.

Business item:

1. Specialize in splitting and pasting various kinds of rubber sponge, CR (Neoprene), SBR, SCR (CS), EVA, high foaming, SBR rough embossing, CR fine embossing and various kinds of N Meijia, T Meijia, Jiaji, Lycra, mercerizing, imitating OK cloth, tin foil, nylon, waterproof cloth, and other industrial cloth and X-TEND drawing yarn, COATING Titanium Skin processing.

2. The company will spare no effort to introduce a full set of the most advanced high-tech Neoprene (CR/SBR), rubber sponge automatic setting, computer temperature control embossing machine, professional splitting and laminating machine (patent number: 200520114256.1) to strive for the highest process quality, (thickness tolerance less than 0.2mm, more can undertake orders of 0.5mm) and the most competitive preferential price, to give back your strong support.

3. Series of products are suitable for diving, surfing, lifesaving, fishing pants, gloves, sports, medical treatment, horse guards, belts, thermal insulation materials, shoes, bags, car seat cushions, chair covers, etc.

Our high quality SBR, which contains 15% CR (Neoprene) ingredients, has passed the S.G.S test and proved that:

It does not contain eight heavy metals and azo. It fully meets the high environmental protection requirements of EU.