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Civilized construction

Civilized construction skill measures:

(1) Strictly implement the safety policy of "safe production, prevention first, comprehensive management". Adhere to the top safety list, civilized construction, and strictly prohibit blind risk-taking construction.

(2) Strengthen the education of workers'safety knowledge, improve workers' awareness of safe production, and enhance workers'safety protection skills.

(3) Before the construction, full-time site safety officers should give special safety training to the construction workers, so as to improve the nature of the workers'compliance and discipline.

(4) It is necessary for personnel on site to wear safety helmet and glasses in welding industry. (5) In the process of processing reinforcing cages, the phenomenon of throwing reinforcing bars at will should not occur. Before rolling, check whether there is anyone in the direction of rolling before the finished section of reinforcing cages are manufactured, so as to prevent people from being damaged. The safety interval between oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder is 5 meters.

(6) During the drilling process, the non-relevant personnel should not be too close to the drilling rig to prevent mechanical injury.

(7) In the process of reinforcing cage installation, it is necessary to pay attention to: after welding or mechanical connection, it is necessary to check whether the foot retracts, so as to prevent the occurrence of sprain of the foot when the reinforcing cage is lowered and even bring people into the hole.

(8) Before the conduit installation and concrete pouring, it is necessary to have a conduit card at the wellhead, set up a working channel (leaving the direction of the conduit), and ensure the safety of personnel.

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Summary: Underwater pipeline laying devices are common in water intake and drainage works of waterworks, power plants and sewage treatment plants along rivers, rivers and coastal areas, and water intake heads are installed at the end of pipelines.

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