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NEOPRENE is a synthetic rubber material

NEOPRENE is a synthetic rubber material with flexible design, durability, elasticity, and resistance to pressure and water damage and destruction. Air and water are isolated by their unique molecular structure. Chloroprene rubber is mild and stable, with high heat resistance, commonly found in oven gloves. Its durable quality makes it very suitable for sole, seat and sound insulation applications. Neoprene has comfortable quality, suitable for wet clothes, clothing, bicycle seats and shorts, trekking, neoprene insulated tank brackets, sports gloves, mouse pads, pet collars, elbows and knee protectors, orthopedic braces, equestrian mats and neoprene covered poker tables. Chloroprene rubber should not be used for long-term sunshine applications. It may crack and fade. For sunlight applications, please use our UV protective agent or EVA closed cell foam, which has UV resistance. For additional information, please refer to our MSDS.

Diving material

Chloroprene rubber Design Consultant

Please contact our chloroprene rubber consultant for prototyping. We can help you answer questions or guide you in the right direction for your products. We can even cut chloroprene rubber into strips, die-cut and stitch.