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Does SBR belong to vulcanized rubber?

Now the use of SBR diving material can be said to be very wide, included in handbags, school bags. Mouse pads and other products are manufactured by submersible SBR. Many people are asking whether the small-knitted submersible SBR belongs to vulcanized rubber. Next, Fang Xin will give us a brief explanation about what we mean by sulfur rubber is the rubber after sulfur vulcanization.

Its main characteristics are good resistance, not easy to break, feel will not be sticky, so it is also known as ripe rubber, many rubber products are made of vulcanized rubber, basically we see the rubber is vulcanized through advanced vulcanization.

The raw material of the diving material SBR is actually chloroprene rubber, which is different from the general synthetic rubber. It does not need sulfur to vulcanize in the manufacturing process. Magnesium oxide and zinc oxide are used to vulcanize the diving material. Although sulfur is not used to vulcanize, the SBR diving material can also be regarded as a vulcanized rubber.