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Industrial chain of diving equipment

Diving has a history of more than 2,000 years. Its original intention is to carry out underwater survey, salvage, maintenance and underwater engineering, and enter the underwater activities with or without professional tools. It was also prevalent in military applications during World War II. From the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of new technologies and new materials in diving equipment, diving equipment is more portable and economical, and snorkeling activities begin to change from professional operation to mass consumption fashion movement, and gradually become this new fashion movement form.

According to different purposes and uses, diving activities can be divided into three categories: leisure and sports competition diving and professional diving. Leisure and sports competition diving is a kind of collective sports game which integrates diving, sports, surfing, tourism, entertainment and other elements. Professional diving is mainly used in the development and service of a variety of waters. Military diving is mainly used in military activities. Diving enthusiasts can not only temporarily reduce the pressure of high-rhythm life in the process of diving, but also complete all kinds of actions that can not be completed on land such as floating, sinking, rolling and so on. They can relax their body and mind, and they can also enjoy a completely different landscape from the ground.

With the development of marine diving equipment industry and the contribution of diving tourism to economic growth, especially with the continuous growth of leisure and sports diving and professional diving in China, the Chinese government and industry authorities attach great importance to the production process and product quality requirements of diving equipment, and promulgate many favorable policies for the development of the industry. Industrial policies and measures.

The main material of diving suit is new compound rubber material (Neoprene) and cloth. It has good properties of waterproof, heat preservation, compression, wear resistance, tear resistance and flexibility. It can effectively prevent divers from losing their body temperature too quickly, and protect divers from the damage of reefs or harmful animals and plants. It is an important equipment to ensure the safety of divers.